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A quick summary:
At Cruz Classic Radio we expertly restore and upgrade old car radios. Almost all American and many foreign-made vintage car radios, antique car radios, classic car radios can be made to sound again as if they were new, even tube radios. We do not repair the cassette or 8-track mechanism, since parts for those are often extremely difficult to find and those mechanisims are prone to failure. However, we will make the radio section work like new. Then you can convert all your old 8-tracks and cassettes to MP3 and play them via your new Audio-In jack. No more tapes slipping or jamming (or getting eaten!) For radio services in Caifornia or radio services USA wide just call or email us.

Vintage, Classic and antique car radios from 1930's to late 1960's:
We specialize in restoring and upgrading 30's thru late-60's American-made radios for classic cars. However, we also restore some others:

Becker and Blaupunkt radios: Yes we can restore these but they are much more complex and time-consuming to repair and restore because their circuit boards are tightly packed into the case and often inaccessible for servicing. Expect these radios to cost considerably more to restore than other transistor car radios.

British car radios: Radiomobile,HMV, Pye etc:
Yes, we definitely can restore these radios. Many of them are more complex and time-consuming to repair and restore. Many are also two-unit radios, meaning that the power amplifier is a separate unit that slso needs restoration. Expect these radios to cost considerably more to restore - about in the same cost range as tube car radios.

No Japanese car radios:
We're sorry but we need to limit the scope of radios we work on in order to keep enough spare parts on hand and Japanes radio parts are very hard to find

So here is the complete list of radios we restore:
All American car radios from 1930's to 1975.
British car radios up to 1971: radios that were factory-installed in luxury cars: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin and other fine British marques. (including the radios installed in British lusury cars by BMCD in the USA)
Many Blaupunkt and Becker radios, as fitted to many high-value Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, BMW etc from 1940 to 1975.
All European, Eastern-bloc radios up to about 1975.


We will restore and re-calibrate your antique auto radio, and for many radios we can also do complete car radio conversions (add FM to your AM radio, for example), keeping your vintage car, antique car or classic car radio all-original, still mono, yet much more practical, with a dial full of FM stations and with Audio-In and super-clear sound. So for classic car radio repair come to us.

...we also offer classic car stereo conversions - we can completely replace the electronics inside your radio with a 21st century stereo conversion, including Audio In jack. Add-on options are available: Bluetooth and/or USB. car stereo conversions


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