Cruz Classic Radio WORK ORDER FORM
Please print and fill out this form and include it with your radio.

Our shipping address:

Cruz Classic Radio
1840 41st Ave, Suite 102-119
Capitola CA 95010

Tel: 831-818-0006

Please print and fill out this form and include it with your radio.          

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP: ________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________

Year/Make/Model of Vehicle :(we work on American-made radios manufactured between 1945 and 1977 only)______________________________________________   

Voltage: _____volts.

Polarity: Pos Ground ___ Neg Ground (modern) ____


Repairs and/or calibration needed (every job is custom-quoted, since radios differ greatly):

Describe any problems/symptoms: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you want to add external cleaning/detailing - (highly recommended) ($50 charge))?: Yes___ No ___

NOTE: We always replace all small electrolytic capacitors on radios dated before 1990 - it's included in the repair price.

UPGRADES WANTED:(either one of these can be added to an original radio after it is repaired and calibrated):

Aurora FMC-2 (FM radio and Aux input jack add-on for AM mono radios) add $150 Yes please ___ ..

Aurora AUX-1 (Aux input jack add-on for AM and FM mono and stereo radios) add $75 Yes please ___

or... FULL conversion to Aurora FMR AM/FM stereo Yes please___

Full-conversion OPTIONS:

                ________ 4.1 Line Outputs ($25)              
                ________  BT-2 Bluetooth Module w/ Voice Command, Voice Assist ($170)
                ________  USB-2 USB/MP3/AAC Adapter ($100)
                ________  BTU-2 Bluetooth AND USB ($220)
      ________ HPC-1 Power booster ($100) (Required for vehicles without 12v negative ground available)
Additional information/instructions: ____________________________________________________________________________


NOTE:  Special instructions regarding conversion MUST be approved in advance!
PAYMENT INFORMATION:  ($250 Required prior to any work commencing - final balance will be charged before shipping back your radio)
________  Check Enclosed

________  Credit card will be given via phone call after radio arrives at our shop

Once we have received the initial payment and your radio is unpacked we'll acknowledge receipt by email and it will enter the queue for our workbench .
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Shipping Instructions:

Please Correctly pack the radio!  The instructions below are the only acceptable way to pack your radio.
Assume that your valuable radio will be kicked and tossed around, be dropped on its way to us.  It's not a problem if you pack it right! 

Here's how to pack your radio:

1) Remove and DON'T SEND THE KNOBS!

2) Wrap the radio at least twice all around in the large-bubble type of bubble wrap

3) Now put it into a USPS PRIORITY MAIL 12"x12"x8" box and make sure the knob end of the radio is 3 inches away from that side of the box!

...and ADD INSURANCE! NOTE: We will not accept your radio if it is packed in a smaller box

Include a prepaid return shipping label.

Just please pack it as we have described above, otherwise the radio hits the box, shafts get bent up, radio likely gets ruined. 

The radio is heavy. So when the box is moving and suddenly stops, the radio will keep going!

If it hits the inside of the box it WILL bend the shafts - so make sure it cannot move inside the box!


For Office Use Only:

Date Received: __________________   Condition: :________________________________

 Model # ___________________  Notes: __________________________________________________

Job Number: _____________________________________